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Zany ads. Huge banners. Gigantic billboards. Internet marketing has no substitute. Internet marketing or business email marketing is an integral part of any website for the effective promotion of goods and services. Email marketing has taken the world by storm. Email marketing enables you to send information directly to the consumer without the intervention of middlepeople or agencies. Wondering how to increase sales with a targeted approach in cities like Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Hobart? Your answer lies in eoo, the email marketing specialist.


Why not stick to the traditional catalogs, brochures, billboards and ads? Why email marketing? The advantages of email marketing are many:


  • Enables direct commercial communication
  • Responses are easily trackable and measurable
  • Enhances relationship with customers
  • Improves customer loyalty and repeat business
  • It is much cheaper to get an existing customer to buy from you again, than it is to buy a new customer


Email marketing and business email can be directed towards a highly targeted audience to increase response rates (and therefore sales). You can expect your business to flourish with existing customers alone. Besides communicating with your existing customer base, adopt a bulk email marketing  strategy  to expand your client base and reach out to newer customers. Eoo is fully conversant with the tricks and trade of email marketing strategies to give you a thorough insight into the benefits of email marketing. We will discuss your products or services in detail before helping you embark on a sure fire email marketing, bulk email marketing or internet marketing campaign.


Several firms invest thousands of dollars to advertise their products and services to obtain a far from satisfying response. Blind promotion is a poor marketing strategy and we at eoo - the email marketing specialists - know how to zero in on the clients who are most likely to want to buy your products or services.


If you already have an email database, then we can export that database for use with our powerful email marketing software. If you don;t have an email database, we can build one for you that targets your market. 

We will work with you to formulate the copy for the email campaign - including the most important factor of all - the heading! A good heading will increase your opening rates (that is the % of recipients who actually open your email) enormously.  Then the email copy takes over - and this will determine whether or not someone will take action and click on the links to your website's landing page (a special page that is designed to appeal to this particular group of people)  that are embedded in the email. The metrics that we will report to you about each email campaign include:


  • No (and %) of emails sent out
  • No (and %) of bouncebacks (ie where the email address failed)
  • No (and %) of emails opened
  • No (and %) of each link that is clicked on (the email will have multiple links, so this will identify which links were most successful)
  • No (and %) of visits to your landing page
  • No (and %) of desired actions taken on your website (could be subscribing to a newsletter, downloading a brochure or purchasing a product or service)


So, go green by implementing a paper-free form of internet marketing with expert guidance from the email marketing specialists at eoo!  Call us today for a discussion of your email marketing needs and a fixed price quote. 


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